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It IS Rocket Science. And, We should know.

We have been integrating websites with marketing for over twenty years. It all started back in 1997 in the dark ages of the early Internet. After a decade as a rocket scientist for the National Aeronautics And Space Administration, these programming skills were brought to database driven websites with fully integrated coding to track search phrases resulting in conversions. In the early days, Top Ten organic search engine ranking was not difficult to achive with the right on-page parameters. Matter of fact, that was our original company name.

Initially, it was explained over and over again that it wasn't rocket science to make a website successful. But over the past decade, much has changed. For a single set of web pages to work across a wide range of display device sizes from smartphones to tablets and desktops, we need fast responsive web designs for compatibilty. And, the search engines have become more intelligent with their artificial intelligence blending on- and off-page ranking factors with perceived searcher intent to deliver the top ten search results. As screen real-estate dimishes with smaller devices, the free organic search results can be a distant second to large paid search ads appearing at the top. It has become a land grab on all device sizes.

Today, it IS rocket science. Responsive website design with integrated on-page search engine optimization factors & visitor data tracking along with paid and social media marketing campaigns requires knowledge, expertise and tested experience. More and more, the conversations to explain how it works have become lengthy and complex where we now describe it as rocket science. We know. We literally leverage rocket science to launch successful web designs and Internet marketing campaigns.

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It IS Rocket Science